Advantages and disadvantages of business memos

Written communication is very common in business situations, so it is important for small business owners and managers to develop effective written communication skills. Some of the various forms of written communication that are used internally for business operations include memos, reports, bulletins, job descriptions, employee manuals, and electronic mail.

Advantages and disadvantages of business memos

One advantage of writing a memo is the fact that it is short and to the point. A reminder to start or finish something A letter sent to a business in a short form An abbreviation for memorandum A fact-based reminder A written message A brief message from one person or department in a company ororganization to another person or department What are the advantages of a memo?

The advantages of a memo is that you should go play steam, downloaddota 2 and find your awnser there, play for about hours thencome back, enjoy im sure you will like it. A memo is a note sent to people in your office. You may only send it to one specific person, or it may pertain to several.


Usually it is to remind or inform them of a conference date, a luncheon, etc. Before email was popular, memos were the primary way to communicate those messages. Hayat Khan Gardiwal To share information with a group of people within an organization Advantages and disadvantages of memos?

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Easy to set up - Less legal formalities and less capitalneeded. Cannot share risk and losses. Poor decision making What were the advantages and disadvantages of DC power? Currently, the transmission of electrical power from bulk power generators all the way to household, commercial and industrial consumers is made through high voltage alternating current AC transmission and distribution systems, and through a series of voltage transformations to reduce losses and minimize cost.

Voltage levels used are of standard values. AC system is used in the transmission of bulk power, instead of DC Direct Currentbecause of its ability to transform voltage to various levels by using a transformer.

Advantages and disadvantages of business memos

The voltage transformation follows the faradays Law which states. The emf induced in a circuit is directly proportional to the time rate of change of magnetic flux through the circuit. Note that, at higher voltage, the current was reduced thus line losses was also reduced.

Ability to transform voltage and to flow power in two opposite directions bidirectional are the only advantages of AC system over DC system. DC transmission system on the other hand has more advantages over AC transmission system: DC system does not introduce a reactance in the line.

Resistance DC system reduces the amount of resistance in the line. Power In DC system, the power is just the real component. Frequency In DC system, the frequency is zero, thus no frequency variation to monitor. Connection will not also require synchronization.

Susceptance DC system does not introduce susceptance in the line thus removing the effect of charging current. Analysis Analysis of AC system always involved complex numbers, while DC is only a real number, thus simplifying the analysis.

A DC system requires only two conductrs as compare to three for ac system. A DC system has no inductance as a result the voltage drop in DC system is less than that of AC system for same load and sending end voltages and hence a better voltage regulation.

A DC system has no skin effect so we can utilize entire cross section area of line conductor. A DC system require less insulation than an AC system because of less potential stress for same working voltage. Absence of capacitance in DC system leads to less power loss because there will not be charging and discharging of capacitance.

If DC system has the ability to transform voltage into various levels, efficiently, the DC transmission system will the more efficient, stable, easy to monitor, and most importantly, easy to analyze than AC system.Business memos are formal documents most businesses use to communicate.

They traditionally have been sent as hard copies, but also can be delivered electronically. Used for more than a hundred.

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advantages:it can inform employees or work colleagues with basic informationit can act as a reminder for the receivercan contain a short proposaldisadvantages:the receiver may not get the. It can also be used as legal evidence.

It is time-consuming, costly and unsuitable for confidential and emergent communication. Written communication, to be effective, should be clear, complete, concise, correct, and courteous.

Porter Gale, author of Your Network is Your Net Worth, in a Forbes interview, revealed that much of her success can be attributed to relationships she made throughout the years.

Advantages and disadvantages of business memos

She stressed that one’s “net worth” is not anchored on the size of one’s portfolio or network but on the quality. One advantage of writing a memo is the fact that it is short and tothe point. One disadvantage to writing a memo is the fact thatcritical information can't be explained thoroughly in such a.

The advantages and disadvantages of written communication. What is written communication? As the name implies, a written communication is a means of communication in which transfer of information from one party to another is done in a written form.

Effective Business Writing: Top Principles and Techniques