Advantages and disadvantages of wireline vs tcp perforating

Projectiles from these guns bullets must penetrate the following: Penetration in higher strength casing alloy pipe and harder formations is more difficult in most cases and not feasible in others. Tunnel length creation with a bullet gun drops sharply with increasing formation strength.

Advantages and disadvantages of wireline vs tcp perforating

Today, all computers connecting to the Internet or Internet-like private wide-area networks are essentially using this protocol.

Standardization Although computers are capable of exchanging data with each other using several data transfer methods, communication by its very definition requires the transferred information to be understood on the receiving end.

A communication protocol is like a language; it enables computers to communicate with each other so that the receiving computer understands the data sent to it.


Interoperability Just as in human communication, computers may use several different languages to communicate with each other. Furthermore, it lets computers and devices with different hardware architectures and running different operating systems communicate with each other.

This means a computer running Windows can connect to a web server running Linux to browse the website hosted there. It is quite similar to the use of English as an international language today.

Thus, every computer on the network is uniquely identifiable and information could be sent to it by simply addressing its IP address. The present implementation of IP addressing is known as IPv4, while a newer implementation supporting a much larger number of unique addresses called IPv6 is being developed to replace IPv4.

This is achieved in a systematic manner, called the three-way TCP handshake. The computer initiating the communication sends a connection request packet to the other computer.

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If the computer is the one with the correct IP address, it sends a packet back. If the first computer receives that packet, it sends another one to the second computer, the reception of which by the latter establishes a connection.

The information is then exchanged using this established connection, reducing the risk of the data being compromised.Perforating guns with a composite plug are circulated on wireline to bottom First section perforated and stimulated Removes need for TCP perforating guns on coiled tubing Toe sleeve enabling casing pressure test prior to frac Advantages • Perforating, fracturing and diversion in single trip.

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C4 Perforating - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Perforating.

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wireline with or without wireline pressure control equipment. Tubing-Conveyed Perforating guns TCP: o the assembly of a perforating gun on the end of drill pipe string. the guns would be detached and dropped into the sump. the. Perforating Types Wireline conveyed perforating(WCP) Wireline casing perforating Through tubing perforating (TTP) Tubing conveyed perforating (TCP).


Advantages and disadvantages of wireline vs tcp perforating

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Introduction to and Benefits of Tubing-Conveyed Perforating Authors Michael K. Robson (Schlumberger) DOI intervals simultaneously on a single trip into the well ratherthan having to make multiple runs on wireline.

The difference between TCP andwireline-perforating rig time depends on interval length and the number ofwireline descents vs.

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