Analysis of hectors speech

Hector speaks to his wife and child after returning from battle and although he does not know it yet, it is to be their last meeting before he is killed by Achilles. It is a memorable moment, in which Hector displays a heart-breaking affection for his wife and son, alongside a tragic understanding that he will ultimately be unable to protect them.

Analysis of hectors speech

Hector makes a speech to his brother Paris condemning his actions for cowering away at the sight of Menelaus on the battlefield. As an older brother and citizen of Troy, Hector is trying to make Paris feel guilty for being a weakling and not facing Menelaus when Paris is obviously in the wrong because of his inability to prove his bravery and as a result shrunk away for a foreseeable conflict.

Through everything that happens Hector is really only trying to make Paris see that he is not being honorable and should be because that is what the right thing to do is. Paris and other warriors in ranks and Paris is Analysis of hectors speech around acting adept when suddenly he sees Menelaus rushing towards him ready to fight and suddenly gets scared for his life and begins to back away from the edge to avoid being seen.

As Hector sees his brother cowering away he begins to degrade him, which is where the speech begins, because he is the reason for the war in the first place. In addition, Hector believes that if the Achaeans knew how Paris was reacting to Menelaus that his entire army would laugh at his cowardice.

Hector is only trying to make Paris see what wrongs he has done and how he has done nothing since to restore honor to him and to Troy. But since Paris obviously has no honor, Hector feels that he should be the one to try and get Paris to man up and defend what is his and his own action.

Since the war began many people have been fighting and dying for a cause. The Achaeans it was to return Helen to their land and the Trojans, their pride. But the basis of the war was Helen. Paris took her away from her husband Menelaus ten years ago because Aphrodite promised Paris the most beautiful woman in the world.

While thinking that way is logical, it does not make a brave and honest man and if you were not strong enough to face an honorable death, you were full of shame. But it seems that Paris simply wants to be safe at home, not fight and keep his prize Helen safe with him. Through what is being said to Paris one can tell that Hector is a typical older brother, trying to get the younger one to do something that he should do while making him feel inferior at the same time.

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One can tell by what Hector says: They thought you the bravest champion we could field, and just because of the handsome luster on your limbs, but you have no pith, no fighting strength inside you 3. Hector is essentially telling Paris that he is being weak even though he should be the bravest.

Paris was the bravest warrior they had at one point, but after he completed a task that was beneficial for him he stopped being a warrior even though he is the reason for the war anyways because he stole Helen all those years ago.

Paris should feel guilty for forcing others to fight his battle while he does nothing. Paris has not been in battle at all, and he is the reason it started in the first place! Hector is extremely furious with the way Paris acted and lets it be known not only to him, but those who are surrounding them as it was said.

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Paris was afraid of a foreseeable death from the man who he robbed of his wife. But during that time it would have been an honorable death to die during battle because it was for a cause. Hector feels that Paris should feel the same way he does about honor, and face the enemy head on.

But without honor, it does not mean much at all.Hektor is the undisputed commander of the Trojan army. No other Trojan warrior approaches Hektor's courage and valor. He is also viewed as the future king of Troy, and as such, he already shows his responsibility to the community.

Speech transcript, video, and analysis of "I Have a Dream". Martin Luther King's speech is analyzed and evaluated in the context of the March of Washington in Hector’s Distain of Paris’ Actions For many years the Trojans and Achaeans have spent their time fighting and being at odds with one another and the root of it all is one man-Paris.

Hector makes a speech to his brother Paris condemning his actions for cowering away at the sight of Menelaus on the battlefield.

Analysis of hectors speech

Near death, Hector pleads with Achilles to return his body to the Trojans for burial, but Achilles resolves to let the dogs and scavenger birds maul the Trojan hero.

The other Achaeans gather round and exultantly stab Hector’s corpse. THE ARGUMENT: Hector, 1 returning from the Field of Battel, to visit Helen his Sister-in-Law, and his Brother Paris, who had fought unsuccessfully hand to hand with Menelaus, from thence goes to his own Palace to see his wife Andromache, and his Infant Son Astyanax.

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