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Apa format module

KABKr gimballed television seeker. Note the optical interference filter coating on the imaging device, and the large field of regard facilitating acquisition Wikipedia image. The new KABLG is the enhanced laser semi-active homing 1, kg guided bomb intended to improve upon the accuracy of the earlier 27N semi-active laser homing seeker based designs.

The weapon uses a gimballed gyro stabilised semi-active laser homing seeker and optical design similar to the Paveway III series. The seeker is closest in appearance to the 24N1 series used for a number of existing laser homing missiles. It will provide similar characteristics to the baseline Paveway III seeker.

The cited CEP is 4 to 7 metres which is consistent with this style of seeker and the P-nav control loop technology involved. It achieved IOC in The cited CEP is 7 to 10 metres which is consistent with this style of seeker and the bang-bang control loop technology involved.

The seeker employs a gimballed daylight television imaging sensor under a wide angle glass dome. This results in the ability to attack low contrast targets by exploiting the contrast of nearby terrain features or objects.

It is limited to daylight operation. The characteristic mesh screen behind the optical window was introduced for EMC purposes and to prevent seeker jamming by RF signals. It enables aircrew to practice acquiring and locking the bomb on targets. The unit weights 85 kg, is 1. The APK-9 datalink pod is used to send steering commands to the bomb, and receive video from the seeker during flight for display in the cockpit.

This seeker will achieve similar effect to the GBU and will be extremely accurate. Reports to date indicate that the weapon has a glide range of 70 km for a 10 km launch altitude.

As the Tekon pod has been integrated on most SuMK variants, the Flanker is thus also a candidate launch platform. The aerodynamic design of the weapon is unusual, in that it employs a high aspect ratio small chord cruciform folding wing design, unique in contemporary glidebombs.

When stowed, the cruciform main airfoils are slotted into strakes on the aft of the weapon fuselage.

Apa format module

The production status of this weapon is currently unclear. This weapon is a kg semi-active laser homing design likely to employ the same gimballed stabilised high accuracy seeker design as used in the existing KABLG series.APA Analysis Paper APA; Title: A Preliminary Assessment of Specular Radar Cross Section Performance in the Chengdu J Prototype; Abstract: This study has explored the specular Radar Cross Section of the Chengdu J prototype aircraft shaping design.

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