Attrition analysis

Sampling bias[ edit ] Sampling bias is systematic error due to a non- random sample of a population, [2] causing some members of the population to be less likely to be included than others, resulting in a biased sampledefined as a statistical sample of a population or non-human factors in which all participants are not equally balanced or objectively represented. Please improve it by defining technical terminology, and by adding examples. September A distinction of sampling bias albeit not a universally accepted one is that it undermines the external validity of a test the ability of its results to be generalized to the rest of the populationwhile selection bias mainly addresses internal validity for differences or similarities found in the sample at hand.

Attrition analysis

Attrition rate

Law firm Attrition analysis consider lateral partner hiring to be an integral component of their strategic plan. Even the severe economic downturn in and did not deter firms from investing in new lateral partners nor did it keep partners from joining new firms. This new NALP Foundation study on lateral partner recruitment, integration and retention examines a number of factors which may influence a law firm partner to change firms.

Such factors include financial, practice interests, work-life balance and career and business development support and resources. This report provides aggregate data from participating firms and lateral partners that serves as a valuable assessment of issues important to all law firms.

The report also include a special section of opinions, responses and best practices submitted by law firm partners and administrative officers as well as nationally recognized legal industry consultants. Available in PDF format only. After the JD was designed to track the careers of a nationally representative cohort of lawyers admitted to the bar in the year over the first years of the careers.

Detailed charts and tables, as well as thoughtful analysis of the issues provide new insight into many management and career matters.

The report provides data on the Class of related to their work experiences, mobility, satisfaction and the dimensions of satisfaction, the types of work associates do, their compensation and other variables. Detailed charts and tables, as well as thoughtful analysis of the issues provide new insight into many management and career issues.

How many were asked to leave for performance-related issues? How did women and minority associates fare in the layoffs? Statistics gleaned from firms participating in the study from across the country are included in this report and provide firms with comparable data for benchmarking with national averages.

Findings from this report cover law firm associate hiring and attrition during calendar year The publication includes a comprehensive examination of associate mobility during the past year, including statistics related to associate departures due to downsizing and unmet performance standards.

Extensive data on law firm associate hiring; associate departures; comparisons by gender, ethnicity, and firm size are also included. The findings offer detailed data on the rate at which law firms hired new associates and the rate of both entry-level and lateral associate departures, their destinations and reasons for departing.


It is the sixth report in a decade-long series of research studies. This research report supports the evolution of attorney workplaces as great places to work for highly motivated, talented attorneys whether they practice in private law firms, corporate legal departments or government agencies.

Why They Leave and What May Make Them Stay This report is an essential reference for law firms, reporting on the length of time laterals expect to stay in their current jobs, the differentiated criteria law firms employ for hiring entry-level and lateral associates, and detailed data by firm size, gender, graduation year, minority status, and practice area.

Attrition analysis

In addition, The Lateral Lawyer offers more than four dozen potential responses for firms to consider as they plan for lateral recruitment, retention and development initiatives. Integration then, is key to managing and developing associates.

Among other topics, this handbook addresses making the case for an integration program; designing an associate integration program; and measuring the value of an integration program. The data provide updated statistics on associate attrition, and in addition, the report includes a comprehensive guide for tracking associate departures to gain management and competitive insight.

The report also includes an attrition diagnostic for assessing the cost of attrition and an extensive section that reviews best practices in associate management -- all targeted toward improving retention. Where are they going? This report is a comprehensive study of entry-level and lateral associate hiring and attrition from The study provides detailed comparative information on the departures of both entry-level and lateral associates.

The new data offers information on the reasons for associate departures as well as their destinations. The comprehensive study also provides insights on the relevance of prior professional work experience, geographic ties, and age with associate departures.

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The data provided never-available insights on why associates leave their employers and what employers can do to better manage unwanted departures.Defining attrition: "A reduction in the number of employees through retirement, resignation or death" Defining Attrition rate: "the rate of shrinkage in size or number" Defining Attrition Analysis: Knowing reasons for leaving organisation and overcoming it.

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Excellent article on attrition management that looks at how to control and reduce attrition. Looks at the key causes for attrition, particularly in a customer service, bpo or contact centre environment.

A war of attrition is usually conceptualized as a bloody slogging match, epitomized by imagery of futile frontal assaults on the Western Front of the First World War.

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