Biomerieux biomrieux thesis

On June 22,Dr. Meng has over 18 years of experiences in biopharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, including research and development, product development, marketing, sales, business and management in both domestic and international companies. Dangdai is a principal stockholder of the Company and, until her appointment as Chief Operating Officer of the company, Dr. Meng was designated by Dangdai as a board observer of the Company.

Biomerieux biomrieux thesis

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Optimizing antibiotic therapy in the face of growing resistance threat Multi-drug Resistant Organisms MDROparticularly in Gram-negative bacteria, is a serious and growing healthcare threat.

Ensuring that patients get the right antimicrobial, in the right dose, at the right time is at the heart of antimicrobial stewardship.

This helps improve patient outcomes, prevent the development of resistance and preserve the effectiveness of new therapeutic molecules. Vigilant and accurate antimicrobial susceptibility testing is a critical part of fighting resistance.

Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Proteus mirabilis, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa are among the Gram-negative microorganisms it treats.

Biomerieux biomrieux thesis

This means that, unlike diffusion methods, they can provide the exact MIC breakpoint as well as the interpretive category S, I, R. Having precise MIC values also enables epidemiological tracking of evolution of infectious organisms, to detect emergence of resistance over time.

After applying a strip to an inoculated agar surface, the antibiotic gradient transfers into the agar and will form a stable, continuous and exponential gradient of antibiotic concentration.

Bacteria grow under the strip, forming an ellipse. With as little as 16 hours incubation, you can read the MIC value on the scale, with complete inhibition seen where the pointed end of the ellipse intersects the strip.Strong sales dynamic confirmed in second quarter, leading to sales up % over the first half at constant exchange rates and scope of consolidation: €1, million.

VIDAS ® 3 is the new-generation VIDAS instrument, a brand trusted around the world in immunoassay testing for over two decades.

Designed with your lab’s specific needs and workflow in mind, it is equipped with increased automation, traceability and security for greater 3 helps you provide precise and accountable test results for .

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My interest for the Biotechnology industry has been a key aspect of my life, for that reason I wrote my graduation thesis on the subject "The strategies and challenges of the International Supply Chain in the French pharmaceutical industries"Title: Demand & Inventory Manager @ .

Biomerieux biomrieux thesis

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