Danger in the desert

Need for water Danger of Scorpions You find scorpions in in many areas including deserts. They are mostly nocturnal. Scorpions typically brown or black in moist areas, however in the desert they may be yellow or light green.

Danger in the desert

Supreme Headquarters had the 5th Army General Italo Gariboldi and the 10th Army General Mario Berti which in mid had nine metropolitan divisions of about 13, men each, three Blackshirt and two Libyan divisions with 8, men each.

Italian army divisions had been reorganised in the late s, from three regiments each to two and reservists were recalled inalong with the usual call-up of conscripts.

The Italian navy had prospered under the Fascist regime, which had paid for fast, well-built and well-armed ships and a large submarine fleet but the navy lacked experience and training. The air force had been ready for war in but had stagnated by and was not considered by the British to be capable of maintaining a high rate of operations.

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The 5th Army with eight divisions was based in Tripolitaniathe western half of Libya opposite Tunisia and the 10th Army with six infantry divisions, held Cyrenaica in the east. In Libya, the Royal Army had aboutmen and in Egypt, the British had about 36, troops, with another 27, men training in Palestine.

The 7th Armoured Division less the 7th Armoured Brigade, assembled at Mersa Matruh and sent the 7th Support Group forward towards the frontier as a covering force, where the RAF also moved most of its bombers; Malta was also reinforced.

In Tunisia, the French had eight divisions, capable only of limited operations and in Syria were three poorly armed and trained divisions, about 40, troops and border guards, on occupation duties against the civilian population. Italian land and air forces in Libya greatly outnumbered the British in Egypt but suffered from poor morale and were handicapped by some inferior equipment.

In Italian East Africa were anotherItalian and African troops with guns, light tanks and 20, lorries; Italy declared war from 11 June In British parlance, the term "Western Desert" applied to the desert of Egypt west of the Nile but came to describe the whole area of conflict, including eastern Cyrenaica in Libya.

When Italian troops advanced into Egypt in Septemberthe Maletti Group got lost leaving Sidi Omar, disappeared and had to be found by aircraft.

In spring and summer, days are miserably hot and nights very cold. In Africa, supplies had to be carried huge distances by road or in small consignments by coaster. A third of the Italian merchant marine was interned after Italy declared war and by Septemberhalf of the remainder had been sunk, although much of this was replaced by new building, salvage and transfers of German ships.

From June to May16 percent of shipments were sunk. Fuel oil shortages in Italy, the small size of the ports in Libya and the need to meet civilian demand, meant the inefficient dispatch of large numbers of small convoys.

Oberkommando des Heeres OKH, German army high command concluded that German forces in Libya could not be supplied sufficiently for a decisive offensive, unless Italian forces were withdrawn to Italy, which was a politically impossible condition.

InWavell began to plan a base in the Middle East, to support about fifteen divisionsmensix in Egypt and three in Palestine and the rest further afield.

Danger in the desert

Much of the material was imported from the colonies and the rest obtained locally by stimulating the production of import substitutes. The plan for a garrison of nine divisions in Egypt and Palestine, was increased to fourteen by June and then to 23 by March By March the MESC had replaced about Liberty Ship deliveries worth of imports with increased local production of potatoes, cooking oil, dairy products and fish; cattle drives from Sudan obviated the need for refrigerated shipping.

A water pipeline was begun along the railway and sources of water surveyed. Wells were dug but most filled with salt water and in the main sources of fresh water were Roman aqueducts at Mersa Matruh and Maaten Baggush.

Water-boats from Alexandria and a distillation plant at Matruh increased supply but rigorous economy had to be enforced and much water had to be moved overland to outlying areas.

Danger in the desert

The number of vehicles available in was inadequate and lorries were diverted to provide the Armoured Division with a better rear link; only the desert-worthy vehicles could be risked off-road, which left tanks unable to move far from Matruh.SHAH ALAM: Air Times – a website concentrating on national issues with strong defence and national security feelers – has published a picture of a PUTD AgustaWestland AW being painted in desert .

SHAH ALAM: Air Times – a website concentrating on national issues with strong defence and national security feelers – has published a picture of a PUTD AgustaWestland AW being painted in desert . Mojave River Valley Museum: Desert Wildlife Desert Carnivores.

Carnivores are predators and chiefly eat meat, although some will consume plants. They will drink water when it is available, but are not dependent on it since the moisture-rich flesh of their prey satisfies their water needs.

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