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Mon Jan 27 Preamble - May 'Pigs Forever? This summary is thus based on proprietary information that was provided to the Department of Defence in and under the publicly dr paper cite write apa confidentiality undertaking for both solicited and unsolicited proposals. Proprietary information was also provided to key Industry members around the same time under confidentiality agreements.

The materials underpinning the 'Evolved F Option' were and remain proprietary. Summary material released into the public domain did not and does not constitute release of the 'Evolved F Option' papers as public documents. Many of those who were recipients of the various proposals that make up the 'Evolved F Option' remain in the Department and are therefore bound by the Department's policy with respect to the use of proprietary information, including attribution of the origins and ownership of such information.

Readers might observe that virtually all of the predictions in this paper concerning the region and developments in the fighter market, predictions which predate the JSF decision by almost 12 months, have since materialised.

Carlo Kopp and Peter Goon May Part 1 F Life of Type Victory will smile upon those who anticipate changes in the character of war, not upon those who wait to adapt themselves after changes occur.

The currently projected life of the aircraft is untilwhen a replacement is tentatively planned. There is no doubt that the versatile F is a central pillar of the new denial strategy, to use Prof Paul Dibb's terminology.

It would be tasked in wartime with destroying opposing airbases, aircraft on the ground, ports, ships in port and in transit and other high value military targets, if necessary at very long ranges.

Indeed, the long overdue and arguably underfunded commitment for boom equipped tankers will be central to the implementation of this strategy.

The current government viewpoint is that of eventually replacing the aircraft, with no firm commitment as to the preferred way of doing it, but with manned aircraft provisionally budgeted for.

With the role of the F elevated in dr paper cite write apa importance, against previous strategic doctrine, it is worth exploring some of the important issues which are likely to arise in coming years.

There is no available equivalent in payload radius performance and aerodynamic design optimisation for trucking bombs. Whilst it is true that new weapons such as the Small Smart Bomb SSB loaded with high energy explosives like AFX, rather than established Tritonal and PBXN compositions, would do much to offset the loss in delivered explosive tonnage, there will always be situations were tonnage is desirable.

Good examples of tonnage intensive tasks are close air support against entrenched troops, a role in which the B excels, obliteration of large area targets such as clustered runways and taxiways, or revetments, attacks on vehicle parks and saturation strikes with anti-shipping or land attack cruise missiles.

It is worth considering that an F loaded with 24 x Mk. For the USAF, tonnage is not a priority for strike fighters, since the heavy bomber force will carry the weight, pun intended.

For the RAAF, tonnage may well matter if the full role spectrum is to be covered completely. Numerous proposals have been floated in recent years for the F replacement.

If a new manned aircraft is to be the eventual outcome, then an evolved FE would probably be the best fit given current alternatives, since it is the largest multirole fighter in the market.

Whether this is the case in still remains to be seen, however the most likely outcome is that the USAF will further evolve the strike capable baseline FA into an FE replacement i. In terms of the roles and missions to be performed, the F covers what is clearly a very broad spectrum.

Some of these tasks will be demanding in terms of aircraft survivability, as they involve penetrating maritime or land based defences to destroy high value targets, but not particularly demanding in payload.

Survivability is however the ultimate constraint in this game, and that will determine the point in time when the F becomes operationally non-viable, even if it remains systems-wise supportable and structurally sound.

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Here is however where the issue does become more complex. When the F was designed, during the early sixties, it was optimised as a single penetrator, an aircraft designed to penetrate deep into hostile airspace individually, without escorts and evade fighters and surface air defences using high speed persistence, onboard jammers and terrain masking.

The much larger B-1A was designed around the very same model, indeed it used various avionic items designed for the F The pulse Doppler radar technology in these AWACS, missile and fighter radars has however eroded the survivability of the unescorted F This is not to say that it is an easy target, if well flown it can still be difficult to engage and destroy.

However, in sustained air campaigns any loss rate above 0.

dr paper cite write apa

The price to be paid is diminished economy, since many escorts must be assigned to every bomber package which drives operational costs up significantly. The B-1B is of particular interest, insofar as it is not unlike the F an aircraft designed originally for low level single penetration.

The big question for the RAAF, given the White Paper strike capability goal, is how to address the strike capability in the longer term. The options are in a sense not that complex, given available technology. Either the RAAF opts for a conventional fighter, and thus remains with the strike packaging technique required to get an F or other conventional aircraft through defences, or it opts for a stealthy single penetrator such as the F and gains the economies resulting from the absence of escort fighters.

Of the types we can expect to see in production postthe F is by far the best fit for an F replacement, by virtue of size and performance alone. The difficult issue will be selling the F to our political leadership of the day who will no doubt miss the point, as have many US politicians, that stealth and supercruise provide tremendous operational economies and amount to force multipliers in their own right.

The short term bottom line is always an imperative in this game, since few politicians have the grit to make long term investments. The likely consequence of this that even should the RAAF choose to run with the F as its AIR choice, it may be very difficult to get enough aircraft to fill the whole force structure.

A different type will be required to fill out the numbers, and more than likely this type will end up mostly tasked with dropping bombs or flying defensive CAPs in situations where the high survivability and agility of the F are not a key imperative.In this guide, you’ll find information related to writing and organizing your paper according to the American Psychological Association’s standards.

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dr paper cite write apa

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