Essay on conservation of oil and petroleum

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Essay on conservation of oil and petroleum

Print Advertisement INregard to conservation of our natural mineral resources, the petroleum industry affords a better example of what can be accomplished in useful application and preventing of waste, rather than an illustration of deplorable waste which has been the theme of most that has been written on this subject for other industries.

Nevertheless, the petroleum industry is one of the most vital cases for exercising every possible care in the utilization of a limited amount of material. The gloomy outlook for the United States, without great care in utilizing the stores of petroleum and other fuels, is well illustrated by the present condition of Italy.

For, in spite of a -climate unexcelled for the growth of plants, and with men and women strong and skillful in the arts of agriculture, the peasants are proverbially poor. Only a few days ago in looking at an Italian photograph of an unusually strong woman, carrying on her head a large bundle of firewood, I was puzzled to explain how poverty was consistent with this magnificent physical development, and yet the picture carried in it the obvious reason.

The world has moved past the stage when human power is sufficient in daily labor.

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Aid must be had from power from a large supply of cheap fuel, in addition to the energy to be contributed by human labor, and only the countries prosper where such fuel is abundant.

Italy's fuel supply has burned out, unless they harness the exhalation from Mt. Even the wood which the woman in the picture was carrying is scarce and costly, and in no way sufficient for the development of enough energy for efficient manufacture.

Contrast this condition with the United States. We have a supply of at least 10 billion barrels of petroleum, in what we already know of the resources of the United States.

From these vast resources we produced last year over , barrels of oil. In addition we produced natural gas to a value of at least 65, In other words, leaving out of consideration copper and iron, the oil and gas of the United States was worth more than the gold, silver, lead, and every other metal product produced in the same length of time.

It is important to emphasize the fact that we do not need this great production.

But there is no possible method of preventing the producers of oil from tawing it from the earth as rapidly as possible where they either own the oil landa or own leases on the oil lands, and there is no way of curbing the haste with which the oil is pumped out by one producer lest his neighbor will secure the greater part by prompter action.

The ability of the owner of any large tract of oil land, such as the people as owners of the oil on the public domain, or of any large oil company with a large tract of developed oil land, to withhold development on these large tracts is admitted, but aside from this, the known oil fields will be developed as rapidly as human enterprise can put the product above ground.

Intelligent utilization of oil, therefore, has had to face extreme conditions of sudden floods of oil and in general more oil than was needed. These exceptionally trying conditions have been met with significant success. It is very much easier to record the failures to conserve, rather than the nearly uniform success.

When the Lucas gusher broke loose near Beaumont, Texas, the oil was lost for lack of tankage for a few days and fire added to the waste. In the opening days of the Glenn pool, in Oklahoma, oil ran to waste down the creek, and in California the frst flows of the Silver Tip, the Lakeview and other gushers have been lost, but the total loss from all these sources is trifling.

This is an achievement which calls for great congratulation rather than the criticism of methods which has been found necessary in considering the conservation of coal and the shameful devastation of our forests. Perhaps it will be useful to discuss how this careful saving of petroleum has been brought about, as a means of inspiring similar enterprise in other industries.

Oil conservation goes back beyond all the oil companies great and small and begins with Samuel Kier, a merchant of Pittsburg, who was also, from necessity, an inventor, or better still, an adapter, of a lamp for burning oil.

He added a chimney which made the oil burn with a bright light. This supplied a market which did not before exist and which has spread from Pittsburg to remotest China. Ferris came next with his genius for oil traffic. He began the process of exporting oil from Pittsburg to the ends of the earth. From that day to this, business sagacity has dominated oil.

Pipe-line efficiency has been perfected in both directions-toward the consumer and toward the producer. The refineries have tended to accumulate near the coast because it was evidently cheaper to transport the oil in the crude condition as far toward the consumer as possible, and only to resort to costlier transportation methods when it became necessary to convert the oil into the products to be consumed, each of which must be distributed by its own system.

The pipe lines have increased in number, and economy has been promoted by the best types of pumping equipment. In fact 'pumping engines have been greatly developed for all purposes by the demand for them afforded in transporting oil. Of greatest help, however, has been the system by which the pipe line has always been extended to the well mouth promptly when new fields have been discovered.

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The only burden for the oil producer has been the development of his oil pool. It has become axiomatic, that the oil is as good as sold as soon as it is produced, Uses of Orude Oil. Ii fact the sudden floods of crude oil have made it necessary to get rid of the oil for any purpose whatever, so long as the oil is consumed.

Essay on conservation of oil and petroleum

Of the entire supply, the greater part has been distilled and refined so as to yield the greatest amount of lamp oil of satisfactory quality and the minimum of by-products such as gasoline, paraffine wax, lubricating oil, and coke products.Nov 29,  · Well, there ain't no goin' back when your foot of pride come down Ain't no goin' back - Bob Dylan The latest on Michael Ruppert is that he's left Venezuela after four months which saw "sudden drops in blood pressure, blood sugar crashes, dizziness, weakness, paresthesis of lips and fingers, small kidney stones, heavy calcification of .

The Energy Racket.

Essay on conservation of oil and petroleum

By Wade Frazier. Revised in June Introduction and Summary. A Brief Prehistory of Energy and Life on Earth. Early Civilization, Energy and the . Here is the topicwise collection of last five years' UPSC Mains question Papers for General Studies Paper-1, including analysis of the latest paper.

The rapid decline in the quantity and quality of natural resources has led to a concern for their management and conservation. Natural resources are raw materials obtained or derived from nature.

They are classified into renewable and non-renewable resources. WOA! World Population Awareness is a non-profit web publication seeking to inform people about overpopulation, unsustainability, and overconsumption; the impacts, including depletion of natural resources, water, oil, soil, fertilizers, species loss, malnutrition, poverty, displacement of people, conflict; and what can be done about it: .

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