Examining the strategic location of south face mine

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Examining the strategic location of south face mine

This course covers accounting fundamentals, financial management function, the financial environment, financial markets, raising and managing resources, financial risk and valuation. It will also support your development of key skills, mathematical techniques and acquisition of knowledge necessary for success on an academic business programme or in a professional business setting.

The module acts as an introduction to the basic principles of marketing from which other modules can develop.

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These principles include the marketing environment, the marketing mix, marketing research and buyer behaviour. The module will also develop knowledge and understanding of the underlying principles and methods used in the recording of financial data and preparation and presentation of financial statements.

People and organisations The module will give you an appreciation of the complexities of understanding people and behaviour within organisations.

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The module incorporates theories of organisational behaviour and people management practices and you will develop an understanding of how and why individuals behave in specific ways in the workplace. Business economics This module will introduce a range of essential economic concepts and methods and show how these Examining the strategic location of south face mine be applied to understand the world around us.

The emphasis of the module is upon the business applications of economics in facilitating the decisions of managers, entrepreneurs in a variety of situations including pricing, advertising, financing, market entry and product developments.

The module will also consider the implications of the macro economy on the operations of modern firms. Management and information systems This module has been designed to provide you with an overview of types of organisations, their structure, nature and functions of management and their use of information systems.

The module will introduce you to appropriate and effective management practices used in differing organisational contexts and provide the skills required to critically assess the impact and effective use of information systems IS with an organisation. To achieve this, you will develop an understanding of the underlying concepts and an overview of the potential business benefits and social impacts of communications technology, databases, the strategic, management and operational aspects of information systems.

At the end of the module you will have developed an appreciation of the impact of IS on managerial and strategic thinking, the changes in the competitive landscape, the increasing importance of regulatory, ethical and social compliance, risks and prevention, and IS managed security.

Year 2 Core modules: The principles of managing e-business This module provides you with an introduction to the business, technological, ethical and societal issues pertaining to the emergence of the Internet as a medium for the online trading of goods and services.

The module examines the growth and development of the Internet as a business tool and explores how organisations have adapted and continue to adapt to this recent and continually developing digital business environment.

Managing business and innovation The process of managing businesses and creating a business through the innovation of ideas can be daunting for many. This module makes this easier, examining and developing the crucial skill sets required to manage and start a business.

Businesses are the heart of any economy, especially small medium-sized enterprises. This module brings together theory and practice through an integrated speaker programme, which includes entrepreneurs, managers and innovators.

A business simulation drives the module - SimVenture will be used to enhance your learning and understanding around innovation and practical business management. Managing business logistics and negotiations This module demonstrates the importance of logistics and the supply change while also considering procurement and negotiation strategies and techniques within business service, retail and manufacturing environments.

Finally, you will study how corporations are responding to ethical, environmental and legal concerns through the integration of corporate social responsibility and business strategy.

A foreign language and applied research report This module aims to provide you with the survival language skills in a vocational context. Year 3 Strategic management and leadership This module provides a final year integrative course in strategic management and leadership.

The module is structured around three components of strategic management; firstly internal and external strategic analysis, secondly business and corporate Level strategy formulation, thirdly leadership issues in the implementation of strategy.

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As befits an integrative strategy module; its learning, teaching and assessment strategy is organised around the use of management case studies.

Leading and managing SMEs Governments across the industrialised world are increasingly emphasising the importance of the development of entrepreneurship in achieving higher economic growth and prosperity.

Government encouragement often takes the form of policies designed to help individuals start their own business. This module aims to explore theory and practice in the field from the perspective of individuals within a small and medium sized business.

The issue of leadership styles and its impact upon the performance of SMEs is central to the study of this module.

Examining the strategic location of south face mine

Managerial Finance This module is about managing the finance function in a business enterprise by making value-maximising strategic financial decisions. Financial value is a function of cash, time and opportunity cost — all key factors that financial managers need to consider when allocating scarce resources to competing uses.

Since value maximisation requires the optimum balance of return and risk, the management of risk will be an important theme of the module. The module will adopt an international perspective throughout. Managing Financial Risk The module focuses on a particular class of risk that businesses face in the conduct of their commercial operations, namely, financial risk.

It investigates how different financial risks can be managed using derivative securities. Among the key issues addressed are:Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years. We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. This article was not published in an Open Journal, you need a password to download the article.

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Examining the strategic location of south face mine

Hate speech, misinformation, harassment, terrorism, sexual exploitation: The public’s demand that social media do more about these and other daunting problems is growing. BA (Hons) degree course in Business Management with Finance at London South Bank University (LSBU).

Full-time. Includes optional placement year in industry.

Business Management with Finance - BA (Hons) | London South Bank University