Fin 5401 2014 syllabus

Midterm 50 multiple choice questions Covers class lectures and book chapters Covers topics taught after the midterm; class lectures and book chapters

Fin 5401 2014 syllabus

The objective of the course is to introduce students to the basic questions facing a financial manager and the tools a financial manager uses to find answers to these questions.

The course will introduce the basic tools of financial and applications of financial theory in use today. Students will be introduced to legal, ethical, technological, and global issues facing a financial manager.

Students take two examinations during the course. Midterm exam will be worth points and the final exam worth for a total of points. There will be 20 attendance points. Weekly homework assignments will be assigned via MyFinanceLab.

There will be a weekly quiz a total of ten. The quizzes will be worth Homework will be worth points. Class points total For Student conduct see: Statement of Expectations for Student Conduct at http: Students may receive an F for the course if they violate the academic honesty policies.

I expect students to be on time and present for every class. Good study habits and efficient management of time will translate into good work habits and responsible employees and effective managers.

If you cannot make an exam you need to notify me prior to the exam. Please leave a message on my telephone answering service or send me an e-mail message.

Fin 5401 2014 syllabus

If you don't have an access kit via a new text book purchase, you can purchase access online at http: Core Concepts 2e Course Name: For Section One 8: Enter the course ID, brooks 8 a. Click the button to proceed to registration.

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This wizard will walk you through the installation of the software you will need to use the MyFinanceLab resources such as Flash.The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of BusinessFIN M – Money and Capital Markets Spring Semester – Lecturer – L. This page lists all TN eCampus courses and their associated syllabus.

Click "view syllabus" to view the course's syllabus in pdf format. To search for course offerings . Undergraduate Catalog College of Business Finance Chun-Hao Chang, Professor and Chair Gary Anderson, Associate Professor Joel Barber, Associate Professor Deanne Butchey, Senior Lecturer Flavio Carrillo, Instructor and Director, State Farm Financial Literacy Lab.

Course Information ECO - Personal Finance FIN Introduction to Finance ECO/FIN Intro. to Investments FIN Corporate Finance NASSAU COMMUNITY COLLEGE. Procedures are defined and described in the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents of the University of Texas System, Part 1, Chapter VI, Section 3, and in Title V, Rules on Student Services and Activities of the Course Syllabus Page 8, University’s Handbook of Operating Procedures.

Copies of these rules and regulations are available.

Fin 5401 2014 syllabus

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