Hopefully looking into the future haiti

These days, its once-groomed fairways are home to nearly 50, people, among the 1. When I visited last week, the sun was shining. Life went on, it seemed:

Hopefully looking into the future haiti

This information was provided by missionaries upon return from these countries. We are just passing it on, allowing you to make appropriate plans for your trip. We have been there many times.

Customs jerks us around, holds us up, and gets tighter every trip. With that letter, they were able to pass through customs without any problem. We had to submit a huge about of Hopefully looking into the future haiti ahead of time, where everything was manufactured, then translated into Spanish and notarized and mailed to Colombia.

Permission was given the afternoon before we flew there. Once we were there, we went right in. Columbia September This was the most difficulty we have ever had with customs in a country. They searched 3 of our bags that had meds in them and confiscated all of the meds in those bags.

We had 11 other bags that were not checked and went through ok.

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We have been alerted that such permission can be very costly. We are looking into alternatives. We had several trips to the capital with our local hosts before the medicines were released.

We were told we need to do this before the trip in the future and that all documents must be translated into Spanish. It is a lengthy process between the Ministry of Health, then Customs. It started 2 weeks before we came. They confiscated 4 of our 7 suitcases. At this point, a local missionary doctor is working through the Ministry of Health to have the medicines released to him.

At this date, April 24, they are still being held in customs. Another mission team on the same flight also had baggage held. They now can enforce all medical teams to have paperwork signed by the Dominican public health before entering the country.

It is a very long process, I understand now what the organization I travel with is working through. There needs to be a list of medications, with expiration dates and lot numbers with the indication for use, and it needs to be translated into Spanish.

Also, deed of donation is required for all medications including OTCs and vitamins. All of the paperwork is sent to the local public health to sign off on. Once the paperwork is signed in San Juan, it needs to be delivered to the public health office where you are flying into and finally to the customs office.

The paperwork needs to be available when your team comes through customs. Some of our bags were taken at customs but we did get them back with all items accounted for about 48 hours laterafter supplying them with all of this information.

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You must have a secure way of getting your medications in. They also require that the medications be translated into Spanish. El Salvador February Some of our students transporting medicines were stopped at customs.

All the students with medicines declared them, but only some were stopped. We were required to pay taxes on them.

Hopefully looking into the future haiti

Also, they are requiring that the list of medications you are bringing in be translated and sent to them months ahead of your arrival. They needed a list of all medications with their generic names and expiration dates and quantities.

They held the meds for 2 days while this permit process took place, and then all was good after that. Guatemala June List of medications had to be approved by the government prior to arrival.

Guatemala August Has now made a new rule to only allow medications that will expire 1 year after importation. This rule changed with each person we talked to. One custom worker said 3 months, another said 2 years.Hopefully Looking Into the Future: Haiti Hopefully Looking into the Future “Hope is the thing with feathers /That perches in the soul /And sings the tune without the words /And never stops at all.

Tomorrow, the Government of Haiti will present their vision of the future for Haiti and in doing so, will lay out how they, at least, see a Haiti tomorrow that is a strong and better Haiti than the Haiti of yesterday.

Hopefully looking into the future haiti

It would seem that not much has changed in the 10 years since I was last in Haiti. But I found not just that Haiti has changed — but it has become another country altogether.

politically into the Republic of Haiti (west) and the Dominican Republic (east). The island’s area is 29, square miles (76, square km); its greatest length is nearly miles ( km), and its width is miles ( km). Hope to Haiti was founded in Headquartered in Tallahassee Florida, we are a (c)3 non-profit organization EIN Number: Hope to Haiti has moved beyond the failed models of charity towards sustainable communities, economies, and lifestyles.

The (hopefully different) future We are now living in an era in which we have the technology to avoid some unintended consequences and treat urban problems in their full complexity.

We can summarize this information clearly to communicate effectively with the public.

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