Ipo valuation case

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Ipo valuation case

The company is headquartered at Long Island, New York. The airline mainly Ipo valuation case destinations in the United States, along with flights to the Caribbean, the Bahamas and etc. JetBlue hired an impressive new management team including David Barger who was the COO, as well as the vice president of the Continental airlines along with Jhon Owen, who was the CFO finance executive officer of the airline.

In seven months, JetBlue had secured a small fleet of airbus A aircraft. By late summer ofroutes had been added to two other Florida cities, and two other cities, New York and Burlington Vermont. The company grew rapidly throughout early and was operating 24 aircrafts and flying flights per day to 17 destinations.

The success of the airline was due to the experience of Neeleman, who was a university student and began managing low fare flights between Salt Lake City and Hawaii. Neeleman also developed the e-ticketing system open skies, which was acquired by Hewlett Packard in The company spent more on providing quality services.

Inthe company won air transport world market development award.

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Core values of the company: The airlines offered passengers a unique flying experience by providing new aircrafts with low fares, leather seats, free live TV at every seat, served meals, reduced the turnaround time, used electronic ticketing, as well as used paperless cockpit.

Furthermore, the company has efficient employees and its customers are satisfied with the services provided by the airlines. Weakness JetBlue is relatively a new company focusing only on the middle class and single people. Opportunities The industry is a growing industry, as the customers are increasing day by day.

Furthermore, there is an opportunity for the airline industry to make alliances with each other, as this would reduce the cost as well as it would increase the profitability of the airlines. Threats In every industry, there are threats however, in airline industry, there are few threats, which are listed as below:Questions about a case study solution, please e-mail me at "admin at MBAcasestudysolutions dot com".

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JetBlue Airways IPO Valuation Case Solution.

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Introduction. The airline was established in July by David Neeleman to provide airline services to the people and to bring humanity back to air travel. IPO Valuation FIN Md.

Miran Hossain College of Business Colorado State University 10 September, 1.

Ipo valuation case

What are the advantages and disadvantages of going public? Discuss the IPO process. The Advantages of Going Public Financial Benefit The financial benefit in the form of raising capital is the most distinct advantage of going public.

This infographic shows how funding works for a hypothetical startup splitting equity with angel investors, venture capitalists and IPO.

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