Plan for a physical activity wednesday

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Plan for a physical activity wednesday

Search Let's Get Physical! Get your students moving with hundreds of "active-ities" -- with the emphasis on active! An activity idea from each site!

Many schools invite local celebrities to the event. Most schools get the entire school population out on the playground, put on music, and get everyone in the school have some fun by moving and exercising together.

Join five million students from all 50 states and almost 50 countries in "the world's largest exercise class"! Are you in a rut? Tired of kickball games and the same old relay races?

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Want some new ideas for phys ed activities to motivate your students? The Web is full of them! Many Web sites offer unique ideas tried and tested by classroom and PE teachers. Come along as Education World "runs" through a handful of those sites and shares some of the "active-ities" they offer!

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Push-ups can be boring. If that's what you and your students think, you haven't tried any of the innovative push-up ideas offered at my favorite site for exercise ideas, PE Central. These can be done from the modified or "crab crawl" push-up positions. Two people in push up position face each other.

They alternate tapping right hand to right hand and then left to left. For an added challenge, increase the distance between partners and repeat. Older students might enjoy Macarena Push-Ups! Check out PE Central for additional fun lesson ideas! PE Central's lesson ideas page includes many more activity ideas, arranged by grade level.

In addition, you'll find dozens of ideas for integrating PE into your social studies, science, math, and language arts curricula. And be sure to check out the Instant Activities if it's a quick-and-easy idea you're looking for.

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The site includes every imaginable resource; you'll find assessment ideas, bulletin boards, PE equipment resources, and PD courses and workshops.

Children all over the world would be exercising at the same time, she carefully explained, when one of her kindergartners piped up that he didn't want to do this. The lesson starts with a computer keyboard -- but this keyboard is larger than life.

It's drawn on the gym floor or painted outside on the concrete! Gobbi has created laminated activity cards to accompany the keyboard. Each card includes a series of directions such as Jump to spell these computer words: Jump to spell your favorite PE activity.

Students jump from key to key to complete the activities.

Plan for a physical activity wednesday

This activity makes a perfect PE learning center activity. Students can work in pairs to complete the activity and to check each other's work.

Plan for a physical activity wednesday

Set up a square play area. Mark each corner with a cone. This game can be played indoors or out. Choose one student to be the "Squid. The other students the "fish" assemble on one end of the play area.

Squid calls out, "Swim fish swim! The fish run to the opposite side without getting hit below the waist by Squid's ball.

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