Regulatory and legal issues in business plan

While a business plan itself is not a legal document, it does have a major impact on legal issues related to your business.

Regulatory and legal issues in business plan

Adjusting to Threats

Business Legal Issues to Consider When Starting Your Business A sample of some of the legal concerns you may want to address with your attorney before you start your business.

Share on Facebook by Rachel Fields There are a multitude of legal issues to think about when it comes to starting your business. Everything from your business name to its structure to its operation has legal implications. What follows is a sampling of some of the legal concerns you may want to address with your attorney before you start your business.

You will need to make sure that the business name you plan to use is not already being used by another business. You can do this by doing a name search with the appropriate state agency, which is usually the office of the Secretary of State.

If your chosen name is not already in use, you can reserve it with the Secretary of State's office for a period of time, about days, while you prepare your articles of incorporation, articles of organization, or a partnership agreement.

Your Business Structure You will need to decide which business structure best suits your business. Your business could be structured as a sole-proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership, corporation, S-corporation, or limited liability company. To decide what form is best, you will need to consider liability issues associated with your business and which form will provide the best tax structure for your business.

Business Licenses Depending on what type of business you plan to engage in, you may need a variety of licenses or permits. At a minimum, you will need a business license and tax registration. Read the related article on licensing requirements for more information.

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Non-Disclosure Agreements If you will be setting up financing for your business or entering into contracts with suppliers, you should consider confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. Since these outside firms will have access to business information that you may want to keep private, you should consider having them sign these agreements.

If you are ordering a thousand gizmos for your grand opening, you don't want the supplier to call your competitor to see if they want a thousand gizmos so that they can offer them on the same day.

The more confidential information your business plan contains, the more important these agreements are.

regulatory and legal issues in business plan

Use AllLaw's nondisclosure form for your business. Zoning When you are selecting the location for your business, you will need to make sure it is properly zoned for the type of business you plan to operate.

regulatory and legal issues in business plan

It is not okay to just assume that, if your business is of the same type as the one that is currently there, the zoning is appropriate. Zoning may have changed while the other business was operating, and that business might have been provided an exemption that won't be provided to yours.

There's More See this list on Nolo.Background. Many federal agencies publish Regulatory Plans and Regulatory Agendas in accordance with Executive Order (58 FR ).


EPA's Regulatory Plan describes the most important regulations that we reasonably expect to issue in proposed or final form during the upcoming fiscal year. The course is designed to provide students with insights into the complex environment that organizations of any size operate.

Organizational leaders’ and organizational members’ responsibility to use ethical thinking to balance stakeholder interests with organizational duty are examined. Comprehensive planning is a process that determines community goals and aspirations in terms of community development.

Legal Environment Basics

The result is called a comprehensive plan and both expresses and regulates public policies on transportation, . Doing Business In China: An Increased EHS Regulatory Compliance Challenge.

Decades ago, the China National Government provided various preferable conditions to attract foreign investment and technology, while . Order SmallBizLady's new book Fix Your Business, Day plan to Get Back Your Life and Reduce Chaos in Your Business.

It includes the 12 Ps of Running a Successful Business and readers will finish the book with a new strategic plan to take their business to the next level.

The Division of Investment Management regulates investment companies, variable insurance products, and federally registered investment advisers.

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