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For their love, support and care throughout the period of my industrial training. Menkiti for being not just a lecturer but more than a father.

Siwes report slides

Group balanced block 3. In CRD, each Siwes report slides unit has an equal chance of receiving a certain treatment.

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The completely randomized design for p treatments with r replications will have rp plots. The randomized block design for t treatments with r replications has rt plots arranged into r blocks with t plots in each block. The allocation of a treatment in a block is done independently of other blocks.

The Latin Square LS design thus minimizes the effect of differences in fertility status within each block. The total sources of variation are made up of row, column, treatment differences, and experimental error.

Sometimes with large number of treatments say 20 accessionseach requiring relatively large plot sizes, this condition may not be practicable. Latin Square and RCB then fail to reduce the effect of heterogeneity s.

The designs in which the block phenomenon is followed but the condition of having all the treatments in all blocks is not met are called Incomplete Block designs.

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In Incomplete Block situations, the use of several small blocks with fewer treatments results in gains in precision but at the expense of a loss of information on comparisons within blocks. Thus where computation facilities are limited, incomplete block designs should be considered a last resort.

Among incomplete block designs, lattice designs are commonly used in species and variety testing. Two variables are said to be in correlation if the change in one of the variables results in a change in the other variable.

The relationship between two variables is said to be non — linear if corresponding to a unit change in one variable, the other variable does not change at a constant rate but changes at a fluctuating rate. Correlation between two variables is said to be negative or inverse if the variables deviate in opposite direction.

That is, if increase or decrease in the values of one variable results on an average, in corresponding decrease or increase in the values of other variable.

A correlation of zero means there is no relationship between the two variables. These ranks prove useful at certain times when two or more values of one variable are the same. The coefficient of correlation for such type of data is given by Spearman rank difference correlation coefficient and is denoted by R.

Siwes report slides

When administer questionnaires, some of the variables are ranked data. I used rank correlation in such cases.


R is given by the formula Where is the square of the difference between the two ranks 3. It is one of the most important statistical tools which are extensively used in almost all sciences not Agricultural Science only. Simple correlation and linear regression analysis are analyzed in the next chapter using statistical packages.

Descriptive statistics are Most often used to examine: Central tendency location of data, i. Dispersion variability of data, i. Skew symmetry of data, i. Kurtosis peakedness of data, i.

Information is extracted from data after its proper processing. The huge amount cannot be processed timely and efficiently through manual methods. Raw data handling, its tabulation and preliminary analysis is the most time consuming, cumbersome and boring task in research.

Analysis of data in relation to descriptive statistics, test of Significance, correlation, regression, Anova and multivariate analysis etc. This chapter deals with how to make use some of these packages for simple analysis of data. There are vertical columns and horizontal rows.

A cell is where the column and row intersect. A cell can contain data and can be used in calculations of data within the spreadsheet. An Excel spreadsheet can contain workbooks and worksheets. The workbook is the holder for related worksheets.SIWES TECHNICAL REPORT OLADEJI ADEOLA.I.

Page | 2 DEDICATION This report is dedicated foremost to God Almighty for his favor, mercy and grace upon my life especially during my 6 months SIWES programme at Germaine Auto Centre. SIWES report slides Essay. CHAPTER ONE Introduction Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Industrial training fund was established by decree no 47 of 8th October, with the aim of promoting and encouraging the acquisition of skills in industry and commerce with a view of generating a pool of indigenous manpower sufficient to meet the needs of the economy (ITF,).

technical report on student’s industrial work experience scheme (siwes) by ikogba kelvin obokparo 12bc college of science and engineering department of civil engineering programme: b.

eng landmark university undertaken at scopes projects nigeria limited in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of bachelor of engineering ( degree in civil engineering of landmark.

Download an amazing predesigned defence PowerPoint template design, slides PPT diagrams, presentation images graphics, backgrounds, icons and PowerPoint themes at SlideTeam.  report on student industrial work experience scheme (siwes) (april – october ) at national institute of information technology (niit) by nwachukwu shekinah jidechi rnu/csc/ computer science renaissance university, enugu nigeria.

In Partial Fulfillment of the Course Requirement for the Award of Bachelor of Science Degree (B.

Siwes report slides

sc) In Electronics and Computer Technology 4 TABLE OF CONTENT Dedication Acknowledgement Abstract Chapter One 1. 0 Introduction 1. 1 Aims and Objectives of the SIWES Program Chapter Two 2. 0 Address, History and Services of Inspiragh Technologies 2.