Support healthy and safe

Back to Top Understanding Health Communication and Health Information Technology All people have some ability to manage their health and the health of those they care for. However, with the increasing complexity of health information and health care settings, most people need additional information, skills, and supportive relationships to meet their health needs. Disparities in access to health information, services, and technology can result in lower usage rates of preventive services, less knowledge of chronic disease management, higher rates of hospitalization, and poorer reported health status. For many of these users, the Internet is stressful and overwhelming—even inaccessible.

Support healthy and safe

Crying all the time or at unexpected times. Extreme physical exhaustion, or a manic energy. Difficulty sleeping, or sleeping all the time. Anxiety, often manifested in overprotective behavior toward surviving family members. Denial of the loss.

Inability to concentrate, frequently misplacing items and forgetting things. A deep longing and emptiness, feeling that nothing has meaning. Anger with yourself, family members, medical personnel, God, even the deceased.

Fearing that you are mentally ill or unstable. Physical symptoms such as heaviness in your chest, difficulty breathing, tightness in your throat, yawning, sighing, gasping or even hyperventilating do not hesitate to see a doctor for symptoms that concern you.

Inability to function at work. Increased intensity of, or sudden loss of, religious faith. Wanting to die a feeling that usually subsides over time as you realize the value of staying present for other loved ones. Sensing the presence of your loved one in an odor or touch.


Difficulty in everyday tasks that remind you of your loved one, such as seeing his or her favorite foods on the shelves when grocery shopping. Anger with yourself if you smile or laugh, and wondering how you can feel happy when your loved one is dead.

Making new connections with people who have also experienced the death of a child, sibling, or grandchild. Grief must be addressed. This grief cannot be avoided, ignored, or put away.

You must go through it in order to emerge on the other side. As much as you may not be able to believe it now, your grief will shift and become less all-consuming as time goes by, and you will smile and find joy again.

But right now you must follow your instincts and allow your heart, mind, and body to grieve. Grieving requires patience and acceptance. Grief work from the death of a child, sibling, or grandchild is a slow process. Be gentle and patient with yourself and your family.

Allow yourself to cry, to grieve, and to retell stories as often as needed and for as long as you need to. You will never forget your loved one; he or she will be with you in your heart and memories for as long as you live.

Information about Death Certificates please click here Share this:When you are pregnant, your body needs even more water to stay hydrated and support the life inside you.

Water also helps prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, excessive swelling, and urinary tract or bladder infections.

Support healthy and safe

Staying healthy and safe. Eat this. Don't eat that. Do this. Don't do that. Pregnant women are bombarded with do's and don.

Is Our School Safe?

Safe and Healthy Students One of the three purposes of the Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) program is to improve school conditions as a means of improving academic achievement. Ensuring all students are healthy and feel safe and supported is central to the shared work across programs in the Every Student Succeeds Act of (ESSA).

Healthy and Safe Schools We believe that teaching and learning begins with all children and adults feeling safe, healthy and supported while at school. A successful school learning environment does not happen by chance but is the result of a collective effort by the members of a school’s community.

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Support healthy and safe

Activities to support safe and healthy students Subject to section (f) of this title, each local educational agency, or consortium of such agencies, that receives an allocation under section (a) of this title shall use a portion of such funds to develop, implement, and evaluate comprehensive programs and activities that—.

They access support, resources, and guidance whenever and wherever they can to foster a healthy, safe, and supportive learning environment.

The resources and organizations listed in Figure (p. ) can guide a school's efforts to build strong relationships with parents and families.

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