Syllabus for ncc if you want

Go to New Student Orientation. If you want to make a good start at Nassau, attending Orientation is a must! Get a campus map. On a fairly large campus, it helps to have a good map to find your way around.

Syllabus for ncc if you want

Class direction on projects and individual development.

Syllabus for ncc if you want

Requirements and Optional Materials Students are required to carry Nassau Community College identification at all times. Students are required to have an external drive USB portable hard drive or USB flash drive and bring it to every class. This storage device will be needed to store your work.

All work saved to the lab computer will be erased after you log out, so be sure to copy everything you need to your own storage device. Students are required to maintain notes on class lectures, demonstrations and instruction in a notebook dedicated to the class. A sketchpad is optional, though it may be helpful.

You should request email addresses from at least two other students in this class so information from any class missed can be obtained. Also, fully-functional, thirty-day trials of Adobe software are available at adobe.

Assignments Eight to ten projects plus one extensive final project will be assigned. Students will be required to spend about nine hours outside of class time to complete most of these projects in the lab or on their own computer time indicated is based on an average student.

Projects will generally be assigned once weekly and will be due at the beginning of the next class or as indicated. Projects should be printed black and white is okay. All assignments must be handed at the time and date they have been indicated as due.

Late projects will result in a letter grade ten points penalty for each twenty-four hour period they are late starting immediately after time and date the assignment is due. Assignments later than ninety-six hours after they are due will only be accepted for extra credit as warranted by the quality and effort of work usually one or two points for acceptable work.

If you are absent on the day the assignment is due, use wetransfer. There will be tutorial assignments worked on in class and possible quizzes. Students are encouraged to substitute any of the assigned projects with one of their own projects as long as they relate to the material presented in class and are discussed with the instructor for approval at the time the class project is assigned.

Your suggestions for extra credit are welcomed and encouraged. Copyright Requirement All source material for assignments and designs must be your own original work you must be the copyright holder.

Students may not use any materials or copy designs found on the Internet or elsewhere unless the class as a group is specifically instructed to do so.

The only exception is fonts for typography, which should not be your design, but enhance it. Students are encouraged to use any legal copies of fonts in your work. Other items such as presets, custom image brushes, textures, or patterns included in the software used to produce your assignments will not be deemed an allowable exception unless approved by me prior to handing in the assignment.

If you think your work warrants exception to the original work only rule, you must present me with a very specific proposal for my approval prior to handing in the assignment and turn in a signed copy of that proposal with your assignment. Submitting assignments using source material or designs that were not created by you without my written consent will be considered plagiarism.

Any forms of academic dishonesty such as plagiarism or cheating will result in failing the project or exam without the possibility of doing it over and receiving a one letter grade reduction on your final grade. Printing All Computer Graphics students are allotted print credits at the start of the semester for printing in the Computer Graphics labs.

A student may actually be entitled to more or less credits based upon the individual Computer Graphics courses the student is taking that semester.Your instructor's responsibility is to give you a syllabus and to organize assignments and classroom activities to assist you in learning the material and achieving the course objectives.

As the course unfolds, you have responsibilities to fulfill in order to complete the course successfully.

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Syllabus for ncc if you want

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