The popularity of life hacks on the internet

You might think it's just in their DNA.

The popularity of life hacks on the internet

Which connotation is implied by a given use of the word depends in similarly profound ways on the context. Similar remarks apply to a couple of other hacker words, most notably random.

Whether the result is a quick-and-dirty patchwork job or a carefully crafted work of art, you have to admire the cleverness that went into it. This kind of hack is easier to explain to non-hackers than the programming kind. Of course, some hacks have both natures; see the lexicon entries for pseudo and kgbvax.

But here are some examples of pure practical jokes that illustrate the hacking spirit: The reporter learned exactly how the stunts were operated, and also that the director would be out to dinner later.

The popularity of life hacks on the internet

They then had a printer run off copies of the blank. The next day they picked the lock again and stole the master plans for the stunts — large sheets of graph paper colored in with the stunt pictures.

Using these as a guide, they made new instructions for three of the stunts on the duplicated blanks.

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Finally, they broke in once more, replacing the stolen master plans and substituting the stack of diddled instruction sheets for the original set. The result was that three of the pictures were totally different. And what was supposed to have been a picture of a husky instead showed a beaver.

Both Caltech and MIT use the beaver — nature's engineer — as a mascot. After the game, the Washington faculty athletic representative said: Here is another classic hack: Just after Harvard's second touchdown against Yale, in the first quarter, a small black ball popped up out of the ground at the yard line, and grew bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

As the players and officials stood around gawking, the ball grew to six feet in diameter and then burst with a bang and a cloud of white smoke. The Boston Globe later reported: The device consisted of a weather balloon, a hydraulic ram powered by Freon gas to lift it out of the ground, and a vacuum-cleaner motor to inflate it.

They made eight separate expeditions to Harvard Stadium between 1 and 5 AM, locating an unused volt circuit in the stadium and running buried wires from the stadium circuit to the yard line, where they buried the balloon device.

When the time came to activate the device, two fraternity members had merely to flip a circuit breaker and push a plug into an outlet.

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This stunt had all the earmarks of a perfect hack: The use of manual control allowed the prank to be timed so as not to disrupt the game it was set off between plays, so the outcome of the game would not be unduly affected.

The perpetrators had even thoughtfully attached a note to the balloon explaining that the device was not dangerous and contained no explosives.The Influencer Marketing Manifesto: Why The Future of Influencer Marketing Starts With People And Relationships Influencer Marketing Becomes a Thing cooking to home improvement to life hacks, their numbers continue to grow as consumers seek out.

“The word hack doesn't really have 69 different meanings ”, according to MIT hacker Phil Agre. “ In fact, hack has only one meaning, an extremely subtle and profound one which defies articulation. Which connotation is implied by a given use of the word depends in similarly profound ways on the context.

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Nov 17,  · The internet is wild and vast and You Are Not Alone. Me: Great.

The popularity of life hacks on the internet

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With the generous help of Unethical Hacks we have compiled a list of 13 life hacks that only sociopathic misanthropes would ever take seriously. Remember, kids, don’t try these at home, and if you do, we cannot be held responsible for your actions.

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