The saudi arabias ministry of labour research objectives

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The saudi arabias ministry of labour research objectives

The central legislature has made substantial changes in the provisions of the CL Act in the year and the said amendments have been made effective from July 30, A complete prohibition has been imposed on employment of child labour i.

A child is permitted to work only to help family, in family enterprise or as child artist after school hours or during vacations. The amendment has introduced the concept of adolescent labour for the first time.

The saudi arabias ministry of labour research objectives

An adolescent has been defined as a person between the ages of years. The amendment permit employment of adolescent labour except in hazardous processes or occupation. The number of hazardous occupations and processes has been reduced from 83 to only 3.

The offences under the Act have now been made compoundable and cognizable notwithstanding the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code. The CL Act provides for rehabilitation of children and adolescent who have been victims under the provisions of the CL Act.

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It provides for setting up of the Child and Adolescent Labour Rehabilitation Fund in which all the amounts of penalty have to be realised. The Act provides for increased penalty and imprisonment which shall not be less than 6 months and may extend upto 2 years and fine which may vary between Rs.

While the new amendments appear to be progressive in nature but they have down side also. Considering that majority of child labor activities happen in economically weaker section of the society which is highly unregulated, no proper mechanism has been provided to keep the same in check with the new amendments.

Further, the list of hazardous industries has been drastically decreased, this may allow the employers in industries like chemical mixing units, cotton farms, battery recycling units, and brick kilns etc.

The saudi arabias ministry of labour research objectives

It is therefore more important now for the government to keep a check on the working conditions for adolescent labour as well as the working conditions for children in family run businesses.

This would require more personnel deployment which currently is in shortage.

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The government, in order to effective monitor the ground realities involve and empower the non-governmental organizations and individuals who are actively involved and are working for the said cause.

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Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.1 day ago · Census will be Saudi Arabia’s first registered census that depends on administrative records, such as resident ID, and establishments’ records collected form the data of the Ministry of. Saudi ministry to set up new councils to nationalize jobs.

Mohammed Al-Sulami The Ministry of Labor and Social Development has announced a plan to set up national and regional councils. which will help to achieve economic development in the Kingdom by setting a number of objectives to carry out its objectives.

The ministry’s. Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission | SACM SACM. Home; About us. This selection aims to meet the demands of labor market in Saudi Arabia by creating a highly qualified and skilled workforce. The prime objective of KASP is to qualify Saudi youth so that they can effectively contribute to the national development across all fields.

On March 22, , the Ministry of Labor and Social Services was divided into two, so that there are now 22 ministers with portfolio. King Salman assumed the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 3 Rabi’ al Thani H (January 23, ), on the death of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz. Served as member of the boards of the Council. population of 29,, Saudi Arabia’s total and Saudi populations are among the fastest growing in the world: they both approximately doubled in the last two decades. OUTWARD MIGRATION INWARD MIGRATION to lay off, and unwilling to engage in low-skilled tasks, while lacking the skills, training and, above all, labour productivity demanded. Temporary Labor Migration: A Regional Trend. The GCC region—Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE—is the most popular destination for temporary labor migrants of any world region, and flows have continued to increase over the past three decades (see Table 1).

The Saudi. The Kingdom’s financial system consists of a central bank, namely the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA), commercial as well as investment banks, specialized lending institutions, and a stock market.

Banking sector has been organized according to the Control Regulation for . Yusuf Abdul-Jobbar Torofdar*. Saudi Arabia is the world’s leading exporter of petroleum and is one of the richest nations in the Middle East, with major economic and political influence.

Saudi Arabia’s efforts in economic reform led the way to its ascension to the WTO (World Trade Organisation) in MOH Initiatives & Projects Regulations Forms National E- Health Strategy Vision Realization Office Patient Satisfaction Survey Results Ministry Sectors Awareness.

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