The tragic flaws of the character of hamlet in shakespeares hamlet

Student Answers hidrofilnavata Student I would approach this subject from a different angle. Procrastination is not his flaw, it is a symptom of his flaw.

The tragic flaws of the character of hamlet in shakespeares hamlet

In many senses, Hamlet is the quintessential tragic hero. Like the classical tragic hero, Hamlet does not survive to see the full outcome of his actions and more importantly, this is because he possesses a tragic flaw. Hamlet fits several into several of the defining traits of a tragic hero in literature, particularly in terms of how he possesses a tragic flaw.

He is an introspective character and in a normal situation, this might not be a problem. However, being part of the royal family makes him prone to negative and stressful situations and thus his engagement with words to level in which he is almost crippled is absolutely tragic, even if it is not because of anything he had overtly done.

Although the reader is not aware of it yet, words will drive the action of the play. While he may have simply ignored her or shunned her in a more physical manner, instead he uses the power of words to act as daggers.

Unlike many of the other characters in the play, Hamlet understands fully his skill with words and language and he uses this, above all, to achieve his ends. His exchanges with Ophelia are just one example of his use of language to lead toward a desired result.

For example, it is not simply his reaction to his mother that drives that their relationship, but his skillful use of words and language.

The idea expressed here is that he is always speaking but is not using language to his benefit—even when it is in supplication to God.

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Due to his brooding and introspective nature, he often wrangles with language to help him understand a reality where he has little control.

Instead of taking words at face value, he picks apart the meaning of them and tries to make logical sense out of both the words alone as well as their implied meanings.

The concept of death and suicide was not enough within itself to contend with, but the situation is further complicated for Hamlet because of the many possible ways of constructing his feelings based on language and the interpretation of words.

He wonders about the nature of his death and thinks for a moment that it may be like a deep sleep, which seems at first to be acceptable until he speculates on what will come in such a deep sleep.

He is an introspective man and the character who most recognizes the power of language as something that can either revive or destroy, depending on how it is interpreted. For Hamlet, the immense power of language cannot be ignored.

Furthermore, it is apparent that the reality, both for the reader and the central characters, is mutable and susceptible to the influence of manipulative words. Words from different characters could act as daggers, both on the reader as well as the characters. For Hamlet, the power of words was at once his greatest downfall as well as his most prized weapon.- Hamlet: Shakespeare Tragic Hero In Shakespeare's play, Hamlet, the main character is a classic example of a Shakespearean tragic hero.

Hamlet is considered to be a tragic hero because he has a tragic flaw that in the end, is the cause of his downfall. Tragic Flaw in Shakespeare's Hamlet. By Devi, P. Indira. Read preview. Shakespeare's tragedy depicts the operation of tragic flaw in hero's character.

Of course, chance, fate and supernatural also play a vital role in the fall of the hero. But Shakespeare's tragedy is the tragedy of character. HAMLET AS A SHAKESPEAREAN TRAGEDY.

The tragic flaws of the character of hamlet in shakespeares hamlet

The tragic hero. Hamlet is the perfect example of the tragic hero. Hamlet has all the good traits needed to be a tragic hero. He is brave and daring. One example of this is that when he went to England, he was taking a big risk.

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We are thus subjected to an aspect of Hamlet's character. Hamlet next. What is Hamlet's character flaw? Including examples and quotes from the play. An example of this is found in Shakespeare's Hamlet through the depiction of the central character.

The Flaws of the Tragic Hero Hamlet in Shakespeare's Hamlet With Hamlet being generally labeled as the best tragic hero ever created, it is ironic that his tragic flaw has never been as solidly confirmed as those of most of his fellow protagonists.

Sep 17,  · Each tragic character has their own fatal flaw, and each fatal flaw shines a light on some of the darker characteristics of humanity. Below are some of the fatal flaws of Shakespeare’s most famous tragic urbanagricultureinitiative.coms: 9.

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