Usbig business plan

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Usbig business plan

Can I go ahead and add these new links? The article contains no fewer than 12 mentions of this organisation - i. I'd have thought one or two mentions would suffice.

Ben Finn talk My concern is allowing moneyed interests to control the conversation about basic income, to exclude the third world from what should be a benefit for all humans.

Turns out I am proved wrong Each sovereign entity would need to make the interest payments on their debt, possibly raising taxes, but that would be required for a BI of any kind. This distances the taxing arguments from the BI arguments.

Presented as universal economic enfranchisement, it is no longer a hand out, but a reasonable return on commonly owned property, and since the property commonly owned is the globe, the system to recognize and distribute that property is reasonably global.

Further reading, [2] suggests that a global system is still the primary focus. If BIEN is to be the reliable source for this article, then a global system should be the main focus, and single state proposals would properly be included with partial basic incomes.


At a minimum, "citizens or residents of a country," in the lead definition should be deleted or changed to people, to be consistent with the BIEN definition. Nor can I see how to include the notion of a global system with acceptable sources. What seems a very large amount of money created by this new debt, really only provides a functional level.

With the new money held primarily in cash reserves and secure investment, the actual increase to money supply is likely to be offset by increased production and asset valuation, since the spending of new money is restrained by labor and material availability.

Tying all fiat currencies to one base stabilizes exchange, particularly with proportional increases in flow. And this utility doesn't care what government is in control, just that each person gets to spend a share, and cast a vote in what gets produced.

Research might be reasonable to cite, but even then it would have to be cited by a third party such as a newspaper or a book. One was a list of associated affiliates of BIEN, the other was a well-researched, sourced article which in part looked at the electoral prospects of the political parties discussed.

The last wasn't a direct source but certainly showed the existence of the FAP. If you can find better sources though I can't think of a better possible source for the first onethen I'ld be happy to replace them, but until then, these sources are more than enough to verify the information.

But Wikipedia requires certain standards, they have to have gone through an editorial process, and the organisation has to be well regarded etc.

Advocacy groups don't usually meet these standards, but what they write might be true anyway, but we need WP: RS for them to become references. This particular subject is still theoretical, and the direction of it's evolution is of significant interest to all, but of course, the ones with the money have significantly more control over editorial perspective, and recognition.

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Colombino has published scholarly research which seems to be relevant to this Wikipedia article: A number of negative income tax experiments took place in different places in the USA.Build The Floor.

likes. BuildTheFloor is an Los Angeles-based group dedicated to advocating for a Universal Basic Income (UBI) in the United The basic income guarantee and social economics.

arguments in favor of the plan and also arguments opposed to the plan.

The Yield Book: Indexes - FTSE Pension Liability Index

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usbig business plan

Glossary of Investment-Related Terms Asset: Anything with commercial or exchange value owned by a business, institution or individual. Examples include cash, real estate, and stocks and bonds. The USBIG Index includes institutionally traded US Treasury,

(PDF) The basic income guarantee and social economics