Week 4 team paper fin370

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Week 4 team paper fin370

Fin Week 4 Report this essay Page 1 of 6 Business decisions bring about challenges for any size company. Looking at the case study for Caledonia and developing an answer to the questions and ultimately making a decision on what move is best for the company, at this point learning team A will start research.

Using the company data the team will come up with the payback periods, and the internal rate of return. The team will use the results to decide which project will best benefit company operation and finally decide which project will bring profit to the company with the least amount of debt.

What is each project's payback period? The payback period is a timeframe about when a project is being paid off before it generates revenue. For project A the payback period is 3. What is each project's net present value?

So for five years the factor will be 3. The factor of this table will result 0. What rate of return does this project earn? Calculating the internal rate of return provides necessary information such as the discount rate that equates the present value of the future net cash flows against the outlay of cash for the proposed project Keown et al.

In other words, the calculation determines what the cash inflow is worth at present-day with the value of today's outflow or initial investment into the project. Project A provides a higher rate of return then Project B because both exceed the requirement; either could or should be acceptable projects.

Both projects will earn more than the expectation that stockholders anticipate. The calculation of the IRR could be a difficult one, if excel were not available to offer the assistance. Year Project A Project B 0This tutorial is for: FIN Week 3 Team Assignment Caladonia Products Integrative Problems.

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Week 4 team paper fin370

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