Write an essay on the central dogma of molecular biology

Write an essay on the central dogma of molecular biology November 25, Write an essay on the central dogma of molecular biology 5 stars based on reviews moderncinemagroup.

Write an essay on the central dogma of molecular biology

DNA is the molecule in living things, which carry genetic material and always passes it from parents to offspring. Importantly, it has instructions necessary for the construction of RNA and proteinswhich form a whole structure of the body and perform a range of functions.

At any moment, molecular machines are always decoding information in DNA and using it to develop proteins. One can compare this to the analogy of copying notes from a textbook. In this, it is so easy to carry notes from the library to wherever you want.

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Since the library is strictly for research and reading, you would not want to develop your dresser inside the library.

Similarly, it would be opposable to carry permanent books from the library to your living room. This forms the basis of understanding the central dogma of molecular biology. During the initial stages of transcription, the DNA molecular is unzipped partially to allow RNA polymerase to copy the nucleotides of the gene one at a time into an RNA molecule.

On the other hand, RNA has a single strand, is more fragile and exists as a temporary molecule in the cell as compared to DNA. Moreover, because of its miniature size, RNA can leave the nucleolus freely and get into the cytoplasm, where the manufacture of proteins takes place.

RNA — Protein Translation occurs during the central dogma of molecular biology. In this process, the sequence of information encoded within the RNA molecule is decoded and changed into an amino acid sequence. Using the library analogy, translation is equivalent to using library notes to build a dresser from wood by following the notes you obtained from the library.

Translation, from its literal meaning, denotes change from one language to another. In this analogy, the translation is from written words in form of notes into a tangible object. In the cell biology, the translation is from nucleotide sequence to amino acid sequence.

While in the cytoplasm, ribosome acts on RNA sequence information, converting it into amino acid sequence. The RNA has three groups of nucleic acids known as codons. Their work is to command the ribosome to supply the chain with a specific amino acid. Normally, cells use twenty amino acids within their protein.

It is worth noting that codons are sometimes redundant. This explains why the mathematics of these elements fails to add up. How reverse translation in Central dogma of molecular biology occurs Translation and transcription are important processes in central dogma of molecular biology.

However, other processes take place, which are essential to the body. One of these processes is reverse transcription. This denotes the opposite of transcription, which we discussed in an earlier section of this article.

write an essay on the central dogma of molecular biology

This process does not occur everywhere. Research shows that it happens in retroviruses such as HIV and in eukaryote in retrotransposons. Telomere synthesis also undergoes this process.

Besides reverse transcription, RNA replication may also take place. This is the duplication of RNA molecule. In other words, RNA molecule is copied to another.

write an essay on the central dogma of molecular biology

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The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology was founded by Francis Crick in - Central dogma Essay introduction. A central dogma of biology provides an explanation as to how gene expression occurs. The central dogma is the main thesis of molecular inheritance. Ap biology essay central dogma of molecular mother language day essay in bengali language andres illustration essay essay visit slum area in us life hacks for writing essays tulane admissions essays causes of global poverty essay ap english rhetorical analysis essay trial scene merchant of venice essay research paper about art aids hiv.

Central dogma of molecular biology.

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The central dogma of molecular biology refers to the transfer of information from gene sequence to a protein product. It offers a detailed explanation of how DNA codes for RNA, which in turn code for proteins in the body. Sample Essay on Central Dogma of Molecular Biology by Premium Essays / Monday, 30 November / Published in Best Essays, College Essays The central dogma of molecular biology is a term used to explain genetic information flow within any biological system.

Write an essay on the central dogma of molecular biology. November 25, Autor: Kategorie: Write an essay on the central dogma of molecular biology. Write an essay on the central dogma of molecular biology.

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4 stars based on 93 reviews urbanagricultureinitiative.com Essay. CLEP Biology: Study Guide & Test Prep This analogy has set the stage for us to understand the central dogma on a molecular level.

The library represents the nucleus, and your workshop at home.

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